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immune system booster
Effects of Royal Gano -
The Immune System Booster

A. Scanning (1-30 days)
  1. Disease - Due to imbalance of body function.

  2. Gano can help to detect hidden diseases as well as to regulate (balance) the bodily systems.

  3. Signal given out by body during this regulation period is known as ailment reflection.

  4. From the way the patent reacts, one can identify the ailing source. This is known as scanning effect of Royal Gano.

  5. Royal Gano has the widest scanning spectrum because it contains all the natural ingredients of Gano: water soluble, organic soluble and volatile ingredients.


Ganoderma Lucidum
(Royal Gano)

Royal Gano
(in powder form)


B. Cleansing - Detoxication (1-30 weeks)
  1. Uric acid, excess cholestrol, fat deposit, calcium deposit, bad tissue, chemical accumulation are the toxin present in our body.
  2. Royal Gano has the strongest effect in removing the above toxin.
  3. The toxin is removed from our body by :-
    1. Sweating
    2. Via the circulating system - kidney, liver, then discharge from the body through urination and stool.
    3. Boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus discharge.
  4. During detoxification, the body may feel heaty and thirsty; this is the signal that the body needs more water to discharge the toxin in the body. Gano by itself is not heaty.

C. Regulating (1-12 month)
  1. Balancing effect to restore the body function back to normal.
  2. Much reaction may be observed during regulating period. This is normal and one should not worry too much about it.
  3. If the reaction is overly unbearable, reduce the dosage. After the reaction subsides, resume the normal dosage. The reaction may resurface, then readjust the dosage according to your own need.

D. Building (6-24 month)
  1. Build up the immune system, physical strength and mental calmness, more resistance to disease.
  2. Repair the internal injury in the body.

E. Regenerating (1-3 years)
  1. This is the process whereby our body is functioning ar its optimum level which is rejuvinevating, restoring strength and restoring youthful appearance.

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